The Brink Of

Indie pop due Lena and James are rising artists whose emotional songs connect with audiences and leave fans wondering if they are more than just bandmates. Working on their first album leads them to reflect on how deep their relationship really runs.

Tell Me I Love You

A romantic comedy set in beachfront Malibu, and the vibrant Hollywood music scene…Tell Me I Love You tells the story of three talented young musicians (Ben, Ally, Melanie) roommates, bandmates and ex-lovers who pull off a hilarious scam to pay for their first album. However their past romantic affairs, emerging sexuality, and highly unique concept […]

The Music of Silence

Before he was Andrea Bocelli, he was Amos Bardi. Based on a true story, Amos is born with the gift of superb quality of voice, yet he is also nearly blind. Eventually, he is separated from his family to enter an institute for the visually impaired but while there he suffers a terrible accident, resulting […]


Upstart rock ‘n’ roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis has just cut a record at Sun Studio. Jerry’s cousin, pastor Jimmy Swaggart, tries to steer him away from a depraved life in the music business, but Jerry was born to play the so-called “devil’s music.” With rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis Presley busy with military service, […]

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